A wide-ranging concept for a multifaceted company

PUR Group’s Presentation Folder Design

In order to develop a branding concept for an organization comprised of four distinct divisions, we wanted to come up with a theme that would overlap all its business activities. Our client? The Montreal-based Pur group, consisting of Absorbpur, a distributor of environmental products, Lactopur, a dairy trading specialist, PurLogistics, a freight moving company, and Nutropur, a food commodities trader.

With Pur Legacy, we found the umbrella theme we were looking for, and we added to it a tagline summing up the essence and value of our client’s activities: Effective and Efficient Sourcing and Distribution.

This concept came in handy when we designed a presentation folder for the group, meant at showcasing the marketing materials of its combined businesses. This attractive folder shows an inspirational image of a road, which can be seen as a promise of a new “destination”, with unchartered markets to break into. The products and services provided by our client’s divisions are also shown through representative images on the folder.