We love DynamicMTL

DynamicMTL Talk

On Tuesday, Jan 20th, Kai Design attended DynamicMTL Vol.2 event at Phi Center. The theme of the evening was: Worlds Collide: Personal Projects at Work.

Amazing speakers: Armin Vit, Co-Founder of UnderConsideration, Ji Lee, Creative Strategist at Facebook and Julien Vallée & Eve Duhamel from ValleeDuhamel were featured. For us, Ji Lee’s presentation stood out and resonated the most because of his simplicity approach, creative execution and the emphasis on “relationship” when it comes to professional work, which are key philosophies that Kai Design stand for.

It was refreshing to see artists succeed in their own ways and turn personal projects into something that have larger-than-life impacts on community as a whole as well as in their professional lives. (photo credit: @alicephieu)

Kai-Design-Montreal Website Dynamicmtl event
Kai-Design-Montreal Website Dynamicmtl Ji Lee photo credit_alicephieu