Say YES to #YesArt2016

On March 14 2016, artists from all over Quebec are invited to take part in a full-day event where they will learn the essential business skills needed to build a sustainable and profitable career in the arts.

Hosted by YES, the conference will offer an in-depth look at how artists can develop their marketing skills, see what it takes to build a network of relevant industry connections, and discover the best techniques to gain access to arts funding.

Kai Design at YES Art conference Montreal

Power of Smile!

Power of Smile! The secret weapon of customer service! From Kai Design’s eNewsletter – Why not share your signature smile?

Kai-Design-eNewsletter Smile Website Graphic Design Montreal Agency

March 2015 Kai Design Newsletter

Design your own utopia! In a perfect world, what would your utopia be like?


We love DynamicMTL

On Tuesday, Jan 20th, Kai Design attended DynamicMTL Vol.2 event at Phi Center. The theme of the evening was: Worlds Collide: Personal Projects at Work.

Kai-Design-Montreal Website Dynamicmtl event

A Conversation with Julien Smith at SMBMtl

We are always thrilled to get up early to attend the Social Media Breakfast Montreal! Why? The answer is easy: because the event contains a high dose of morning inspiration that helps us remember why we started out business in the first place! The 22nd edition of the SMBMtl featured @Julien, who shared a conversation with the audience on startup trends, challenges and how he turned an idea that started as one’s need to a flourishing business. (photo credits: @socialbiztools and @ChristianDion)

Kai Design at SMBMtl with julien smith - photo credit VirtualResources socialbiztools