Happy Chinese New Year 2016

As the Year of the Monkey starts off, we’d like to wish all our friends an ambitious and adventurous year ahead! Happy Chinese New Year!


Anniversary Ad design

Our proposal for 20th Anniversary Ad design for Commonwealth Independent States Navigation!

A mindful and dynamic website creation for Pam Comeau

A mindful and yet dynamic website creation for Pam Comeau, an award winning hyper-realist artist based in Montreal. Pam’s website was created by customizing a premium WordPress theme with art and creative directions supported by Kai Design.

Pam-Comeau-Website-by-Kai-Design-Montreal-Graphic Agency

Ways to bring your brand to focus

Linda Walker, a specialized ADHD coach, offers three distinct coaching programs. Kai Design’s mandate was to create branded looks that are consistent with the essence of these programs as well as adding design flare and whimsical touch to the images.


Proud to be a Montreal based boutique agency!

We would like to wish all our friends from Quebec: Bonne St-Jean-Baptiste!